Knowledge is the foundation for a great perfromance.

  1. Practice your program – take some time to play through your program as if you were playing in front of an audience; meaning that you should not stop if you mess up. This will tell you if there’s a particular spot that you have to clear up and practice more.
  2. Visualize your entire performance – when you take time to visualize your entire performance you can somewhat imagine the feelings and emotions you will get at the moment of the actual performance.
  3. As mentioned before don’t leave anything to chance or until last minute. Try to think about all the details ahead of time.
  4. Warm-up – take some time to warm up well. Work on something slow and simple. Do not burn out the day of the performance, keep it light. Also, keep in mind that at performance time, what is done is done. This is not the time to learn or fix anything. At this point, your work should already be done. Perform and enjoy your performance.
  5. If you feel too anxious, try a few breathing exercises. Remember that some amount of anxiety is always good, it keeps you on track.
  6. Last but not least, do your best. You have worked hard, so do your best and be proud of what you have accomplished. If anything, learn from your mistakes. See the mistakes as learning opportunities, not as something that hinders your ability to perform.

Prepare yourself physically, mentally and play decisively. Enjoy your performance and learn from anything that may happen.

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