WHAT are Graded Exams?

UK based graded exam boards offering exams in: Acting; MIME; Public Speaking; Devising Drama; Reading for Performance; Musical Theatre. Starting at a suitable grade, students’ progress through to Grade 8 via a clearly defined syllabus.

WHY should a student take Graded Exams?

There are many advantages to taking Graded Exams. The Performance courses are designed to unlock creative thinking through role- play, and develop skills in voice projection. The Communication courses are designed to develop skills in Presentation, Body Language, Articulation and Speech Writing. Other good reasons for taking these exams include resumé development, and on completion of grade 6, 7 & 8 exams, students will be able to claim UCAS points (UK university entrance points).

We offer students support for the world’s best known performing arts examining boards. For a supplementary cost, students who are interested in gaining qualifications related to the performing arts will be supported and encouraged.

We work to support the following renowned arts, music and drama schools:

New Era Academy

Established in 1941, NEA offers a diverse and accessible syllabus focused on the performing arts. Our students can pursue accreditation through their nationally recognised examinations.


The London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art is one of the UK’s oldest drama schools. LAMDA- accredited exams are highly prestigious and can count towards the UCAS points system when applying to universities and colleges.


The Royal Academy of Dramatic Art is a world-renowned centre of excellence and one of the UK’s most famous drama schools offering further education courses and qualifications in acting, performance and technical theatre.

Trinity College London

Trinity College London (formerly the Guildhall School of Music and Drama) is the international exam board for the performing arts. It has been offering accreditation in the performing arts since 1877.